Crassostrea gigas

Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg, 1793)

Common Names

Felsenauster (German), Giant Pacific oyster, Giant oyster, Huître creuse japonaise (French), Huître portugaise (French), Immigrant oyster, Japanese Oyster, Japanse oester (Dutch), Miyagi oyster, Ostión (Castilian), Ostión del Pacífico (Castilian), Ostra de pobre (Castilian), Ostra gigante (Portuguese), Ostra portuguesa (Castilian), Ostra portuguesa (Portuguese), Ostrica concava (Italian), Ostrica giapponese (Italian), Ostrica portoghese (Italian), Pacific cupped oyster (English), Pacific giant oyster (English), Pacific oyster (English), Pazifische Felsenauster (German), Portugiesische Auster (German), Portugisisk øster (Danish), Portuguese cupped oyster (English), Portuguese oyster (English), Riesenauster (German), Stillehavs-østers (Danish)

Languages: English



Cannuel and Beninger (2006) demonstrated that the inner demibranchs of the gills develop earlier than the outer demibranchs. Plication of the gill is also attained relatively late in ontogeny. The gills of early juveniles of the species are thus structurally and functionally different from those of the adult.

Author(s): Sartori, André F.
Rights holder(s): Sartori, André F.


Cannuel, R. and Beninger, P. (2006).  Gill development, functional and evolutionary implications in the Pacific oyster <i>Crassostrea gigas</i> (Bivalvia: Ostreidae). Marine Biology. 149(3), 547-563. Abstract